Friday, 3 April 2009

Next Punkcast

I need to get stuff done.
As I was coughing and wheezing bronchially away whilst watching the Gladstone vs Disraeli programme on BBC4. I was cheered up no end by the bit that went "Disraeli came down with a chill that developed into bronchitis. He was dead within a month..."
I better get some more done quick then. It's me bleeding legacy.

Anyway. I've got a cracker of a rare punk playlist together. I've got songs from:

The Bears
The Cybermen
Prag Vec
The Depressions
The Rings
Those Naughty Lumps
Stinky Toys
Future Bodies
Leyton Buzzards
The Tights

Trivia time.
One of these bands became the awful salsa pop Modern Romance.
One of these bands had a Pink Fairie.
One of these bands is French.
One of these bands drummers did a gig with me in October.
One of these bands Push finds impossible to pronounce correctly.

Hopefully ready next week. Unless I end up like Disraeli.


Piley said...

some right ol obscure stuff there Ad... like the sound of it mate...

While your in a punky mood, i got an exclusive Barrie Masters interview over at my gaff if ya's fancy a butchers???


Planet Mondo said...

"whilst watching the Gladstone vs Disraeli" - Punks not dead!

Modern Romance = Leyton Buzzards
French = Stinky Toys

Anonymous said...

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