Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Choice, Meaty Cuts

This episode of RW is bought to you by
Chicken Mince
I never eat anything else.
Track Listing:

1. I Wanna Be Free - The Rings
2. Cybernetic Surgery - The Cybermen
3. Normal - Raped
4. Terrorist - Future Bodies
5. Boozy Creed - Stinky Toys
6. 19 and Mad - Leyton Buzzards
7. Cigarettes - Prag Vec
8. Iggy Pop's Jacket - Those Naughty Lumps
9. Messing With Your Heart - The Depressions
10. Howard Hughes - The Tights
11. On Me - The Bears
12. GLC - Menace

Another one up. I'm almost prolific.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Next Punkcast

I need to get stuff done.
As I was coughing and wheezing bronchially away whilst watching the Gladstone vs Disraeli programme on BBC4. I was cheered up no end by the bit that went "Disraeli came down with a chill that developed into bronchitis. He was dead within a month..."
I better get some more done quick then. It's me bleeding legacy.

Anyway. I've got a cracker of a rare punk playlist together. I've got songs from:

The Bears
The Cybermen
Prag Vec
The Depressions
The Rings
Those Naughty Lumps
Stinky Toys
Future Bodies
Leyton Buzzards
The Tights

Trivia time.
One of these bands became the awful salsa pop Modern Romance.
One of these bands had a Pink Fairie.
One of these bands is French.
One of these bands drummers did a gig with me in October.
One of these bands Push finds impossible to pronounce correctly.

Hopefully ready next week. Unless I end up like Disraeli.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Shock horror new podcast

After a bit of a lay off I'm back.

A bit of a departure. It's all tie-dyes and joss sticks. Well sort of.

Vaguely listenable stuff from the early 70s underground.

You may wish to download and hit FF>> a bit. Like a pro footballer I'm not match fit yet.

Think of this as an outing in the reserves to hone my sharpness.

1. I Wish I Was A Girl - Pink Fairies
2. Spunk Box - Man
3. Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
4. Peaches En Regalia - Frank Zappa
5. When I Touch You - Spirit
6. Nantucket Sleighride - Mountain
7. Don't Turn The Light On - Can
8. The Moon Upstairs - Mott The Hoople

Don't say I didn't warn you....

Back with more obscure punk next time. I promise.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

WHere was I?

OK I'll be back doing stuff on here soon.
Credit crunch and all I've decided it'll be cheaper than the pub.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cough Sneeze

I'm not up to much at the moment due to a large dose of the lurgy.

Anyway Push and me are going to get another splendid podcast together in the next few days.

If I'm feeling miserable so should everyone else. So here's what I think is quite the worst 45rpm 7incher of the whole punk/new wave era.

Take it away Rikki And The Last Days Of The Earth.........

Please for gods sake take it away!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Episode 4

An early reggae theme for this podcast.

Wine your wais'. Spark up a number and enjoy.

1. Musical Liquidator - Dennis Alcapone
2. From Russia With Love - Roland Alphonso and the Soul Brothers
3. Beware - the Overtakers
4. Tight Spot - Dave & Ansell Collins
5. Wet Dream - Max Romeo
6. Rudy A Message To You - Dandy Livingstone
7. Illya Kuryakin - Ike B and the Crystalites
8. UFO - Geoffrey Chung and the Harry J Allstars

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Stuff Soon

Work chaos, holidays and stuff have made getting on the old interweb a bit difficult recently.
However I'm back and raring to go now thanks to a sublime 4-0 battering of Grimsby(see what I did there?) by Brentford on Saturday. 
I reckon the next episode will be up very shortly. Well as soon as this hangover goes...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Loungeclash vs Magic Ship

It was the rematch to end all previous 42 odd rematches.
True corinthian spirit was shown and hardly a drop was spilt as both fought to a stand still.
As Heff says "Bitchin' Shoes"

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Episode 3

Push picks the platters this week. A jolly nice selection they are too. 
It's a bit less polished due to my previous two days binge drinking. This resulted in even less coherence and more mumbling from me than normal. 
I'll do the request show soon fear not and we've got lots of other themes in the pipeline for future shows. Here's some of the things we/I am thinking of: 
Reggaes Best Covers
Pub Rock
Label Specific (Chiswick, Stiff, etc.)
US punk
Punk Connections
Post Punk

Anyway here's the rundown.

1. When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again - The Automatics
Power pop punk. They reformed in 2001 with the help of a japanese record company to cash in on the extortionate amounts this single went for (£250+) on ebay.

2. This Perfect Day - The Saints
God bless the colonies. Aussies finest with a perfect single.  Algy Ward on bass who went on to join the Damned for their finest hour on the Machine Gun Etiquette album.

3. Put You In The Picture - PVC2
It means nothing to me....apart from being on Zoom Records

4. I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie - Mary Monday & The Bitches
Scary Mary indeed. Watch that fader!!! Too late.

5. Johnny Won't Get To Heaven - Killjoys
Kev Dexy in a boilersuit. Gawd Bless yer Mary Poppins an' no mistake. Joking aside I like it.

6. Richmond - Pinpoint
"We don't go via London Transport we hire fleets of taxis" Quite right too.

7. Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima - The Snivelling Shits
Yukio was also the inspiration for 'Death and Night and Blood' on the Stranglers Black & White album. Thankfully this one doesn't contain a line as awful as "Home is a black leather jacket fitting sweetly to my brain". 

8. Young Savage - Ultravox
Ultravox with John Fox not PVC2 boy. Arty new wave rather than punk. Nice guitar riff. It is your duty to avoid the cod reggae of 'Dangerous Rhythm' from this period too. It makes Dreadlock Holiday sound roots. 

Hmm. A cod reggae show? D'yer Make Her, Hey Negrita, I Shot the Sheriff, C Moon...... Oh god no make it stop. Words not sounds. Words not sounds. Wor......

Bonus Outro! Wrong Em Boyo - The Rulers
Just because I like it.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Episode 2

Pour yourself three and a half fingers of Jamiesons, spark up a slim panatella and get ready for some 45rpm MP3 gems extracted from my British Leyland built hearing aid beige coloured hard drive.
Episode 2 features the talents of that famous music journalist, author of 'Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail' and fellow Brentford fan (hence him being slightly unhinged) Push (Chris Dawes).
Push adds his vast musical knowledge and experience to the show. This mainly equates to helping me fumble the (wrong sort for a podcast) microphone, falling off a chair, deriding some of my selections and that kinda stuff.
Push will be playlisting episode 3 when he's finally managed to get his selection down from 180 tracks to a more manageable 8 or 9 or so. 
I will be getting my own back.

1. For Adolfs Only - The Valves

2. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps

3. Friday On My Mind - London

4. GLC - The Members

5. Where Were You? - The Mekons

6. Urbane Gorilla - The Satellites

7. Radio Wunderbar - The Carpettes

8. Don't Care - Klark Kent

9. Ambition - Subway Sec

Keep those requests (OK request) coming in kids.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Let's Build A Car

Episode 2 is on the way soon. It will feature a Swell Maps tune. Not this one though.

First correct guess wins a bag of sweet peanuts!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever Radio Wunderbar podcast thingy.

It's the road less travelled as far as UK punk goes. 
If you were around at the time there's going to be at least a track or two you haven't heard for years. 
If you weren't around and you like your tunes fast and dirty you're in for a treat.
The quality of some of the tracks does suffer from the scratchy vinyl to mp3 transfer and my voice is probably better suited to mime than radio.
Here's todays playlist.

1. Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches - the Bleach Boys
Hitchins finest. Well apart from Chron Gen. Formerly known as the Fur Coughs.

2. Brainbomb - Punishment of Luxury
Fringe theatre punk from the North East. If anyone's got an MP3 of "Puppet Life"  I wouldn't mind having it.

3. Uninvited Guest - the Transmitters
Two John Peel sessions and post punk before post punk. The best band you've never heard of. Buy the compilation "I Fear No One" on iTunes or Amazon.

4. I Don't Need To Tell Her - the Lurkers
Ickenhams finest. A sort of Middlesex Ramones. The only downside is the mention of the F word in their debut LP  "Fulham Fallout". 

5. Breakdown (Time's Up version) - Buzzcocks
We all know the 'cocks. I love them this raw with Howie D at the helm. Still amazing live today according to Sir Steve of the North.

6. Small Wonder - the Carpettes
Punk Power Pop at it's finest. From the home of Newcastle Brown Ale. If they hadn't looked like normal blokes and wore matching boiler suits or something or gone all Clash style political They'd have been huge.