Monday, 23 June 2008

Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever Radio Wunderbar podcast thingy.

It's the road less travelled as far as UK punk goes. 
If you were around at the time there's going to be at least a track or two you haven't heard for years. 
If you weren't around and you like your tunes fast and dirty you're in for a treat.
The quality of some of the tracks does suffer from the scratchy vinyl to mp3 transfer and my voice is probably better suited to mime than radio.
Here's todays playlist.

1. Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches - the Bleach Boys
Hitchins finest. Well apart from Chron Gen. Formerly known as the Fur Coughs.

2. Brainbomb - Punishment of Luxury
Fringe theatre punk from the North East. If anyone's got an MP3 of "Puppet Life"  I wouldn't mind having it.

3. Uninvited Guest - the Transmitters
Two John Peel sessions and post punk before post punk. The best band you've never heard of. Buy the compilation "I Fear No One" on iTunes or Amazon.

4. I Don't Need To Tell Her - the Lurkers
Ickenhams finest. A sort of Middlesex Ramones. The only downside is the mention of the F word in their debut LP  "Fulham Fallout". 

5. Breakdown (Time's Up version) - Buzzcocks
We all know the 'cocks. I love them this raw with Howie D at the helm. Still amazing live today according to Sir Steve of the North.

6. Small Wonder - the Carpettes
Punk Power Pop at it's finest. From the home of Newcastle Brown Ale. If they hadn't looked like normal blokes and wore matching boiler suits or something or gone all Clash style political They'd have been huge.