Thursday, 28 August 2008

Episode 4

An early reggae theme for this podcast.

Wine your wais'. Spark up a number and enjoy.

1. Musical Liquidator - Dennis Alcapone
2. From Russia With Love - Roland Alphonso and the Soul Brothers
3. Beware - the Overtakers
4. Tight Spot - Dave & Ansell Collins
5. Wet Dream - Max Romeo
6. Rudy A Message To You - Dandy Livingstone
7. Illya Kuryakin - Ike B and the Crystalites
8. UFO - Geoffrey Chung and the Harry J Allstars

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Stuff Soon

Work chaos, holidays and stuff have made getting on the old interweb a bit difficult recently.
However I'm back and raring to go now thanks to a sublime 4-0 battering of Grimsby(see what I did there?) by Brentford on Saturday. 
I reckon the next episode will be up very shortly. Well as soon as this hangover goes...