Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Choice, Meaty Cuts

This episode of RW is bought to you by
Chicken Mince
I never eat anything else.
Track Listing:

1. I Wanna Be Free - The Rings
2. Cybernetic Surgery - The Cybermen
3. Normal - Raped
4. Terrorist - Future Bodies
5. Boozy Creed - Stinky Toys
6. 19 and Mad - Leyton Buzzards
7. Cigarettes - Prag Vec
8. Iggy Pop's Jacket - Those Naughty Lumps
9. Messing With Your Heart - The Depressions
10. Howard Hughes - The Tights
11. On Me - The Bears
12. GLC - Menace

Another one up. I'm almost prolific.


Heff said...

Wow, another blog renovation. I really should get out more often...

Piley said...

Just played the whole lot on the bounce.... a really nice one there. I'm a big punk fan, but loads of gems i didn't know on there. Cheers.

One thing - I think the mic volume needs to be louder. I'm playing a dangerous game here, where I have to whack up the vol every time you come on, but be quick enough to whack it down again when a toon starts... thus avoiding pissing off Mrs P and baby P!

Good work fella


PS - whats the jolly 'outro' music?

Ad said...

Point taken Piley.

I was trying to produce it with true punk ethos.

All first take and start to finish within an hour.

I might try an extra 5 minutes for level adjustment next time.

Ad said...

Oh and the outro music is High Voltage by Ansell Collins.

Istvanski said...

Sod the true punk ethos, use a bloody compressor next time.
Have downloaded for later listening.

Joanne Casey said...

I've lead a sheltered life, did the fame of these bands not spread to Norn Iron?

Ad said...

It barely spread past the end of their street mostly Joanne.

I got the compressor. How do I attach the air gun to the Mac Isty?

Istvanski said...

Macs are alien to me.
There are more "free" programs for us Microsof users.