Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Shock horror new podcast

After a bit of a lay off I'm back.

A bit of a departure. It's all tie-dyes and joss sticks. Well sort of.

Vaguely listenable stuff from the early 70s underground.

You may wish to download and hit FF>> a bit. Like a pro footballer I'm not match fit yet.

Think of this as an outing in the reserves to hone my sharpness.

1. I Wish I Was A Girl - Pink Fairies
2. Spunk Box - Man
3. Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
4. Peaches En Regalia - Frank Zappa
5. When I Touch You - Spirit
6. Nantucket Sleighride - Mountain
7. Don't Turn The Light On - Can
8. The Moon Upstairs - Mott The Hoople

Don't say I didn't warn you....

Back with more obscure punk next time. I promise.


Piley said...

nice, am up for a bit o this! Just downloaded it Sir, ta! Been playing for 5 mins so far - like it!

Good to have ya back in blogland.


=fred vim said...

Good show.

Ad said...

Thanks Piley. Yeah good to be back.
Had a very busy last 6 months.
Lots more podcasts to come.

And thank you Mr Vim. Glad you enjoyed it.

Planet Mondo said...

Top Work as always Ad - could I steer you towards a mix you may enjoy of similarly fuggy freakouts I made for Devil Dick's blog 33 and a 3rd EYE

Hold On - Ipsissimus
The Kettle - Colosseum
Blows Your Mind - Electric Banana
Towards The Skies - The Gods
Father's Name Is Dad - Fire
Coke Ad' - The Who
How Does It Feel To Feel - The Creation
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - The Flys
Crying Shame - Frijid Pink
The Battle Of The Locusts - Aphrodite's Child
Instant Whip - The Tremeloes
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Amanda Shankar
Bad Trip - Bo Diddley
Hey Big Brother - Rare Earth
Magpie - The Murgatroyd Band
That's The Life - The Good Earth
Fire - Pegasus
I'm A Man - Wynder K. Frog
Magic Mirror - Aphrodite's Child
Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes - Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Shake 26 - Underground Set
Walk Don't Run - The Pink Fairies

Istvanski said...

Woah, what a good selection of tracks, you've got good musical taste for a Brentonian.
I was fortunate enough to see Randy California and Leslie West when they both played The Night of The Guitar gig at the Town and Country club in the late eighties. Other guitar slingers on the same bill were Robbie Kreeger, Alvin Lee, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Phil Manzanera, Powell and Turner from Wishbone Ash and more.
I saw Leslie West again a few years ago when he played with a version of Mountain at the Camden Underworld. Felix couldn't make it (understandably) and there was no Hammond player to replace Steve Knight, making Nantucket Sleighride some what thin sounding.

Push said...

Great stuff Ad...

I'm a bit worried, though, coz I really liked that Man track...

I'l get me (afghan) coat...

Col said...

I've been going under the monicker of Fred Vimm for some time now. Dunno why...

Anonymous said...

Fred 'Vim' Fuego...