Thursday, 28 August 2008

Episode 4

An early reggae theme for this podcast.

Wine your wais'. Spark up a number and enjoy.

1. Musical Liquidator - Dennis Alcapone
2. From Russia With Love - Roland Alphonso and the Soul Brothers
3. Beware - the Overtakers
4. Tight Spot - Dave & Ansell Collins
5. Wet Dream - Max Romeo
6. Rudy A Message To You - Dandy Livingstone
7. Illya Kuryakin - Ike B and the Crystalites
8. UFO - Geoffrey Chung and the Harry J Allstars


Heff said...

I'll have to hit this when I have more time...

ALove said...

I actually like this podcast! Never mind all that other stuff. This seems like a rich seam to dig :-)

I will now go and listen to the CD of ReggaeBeatles you made.


Axe Victim said...

Best show thus far - keep it up fella, or rather 'push it oop'.

Planet Mondo said...

Outstanding - love the 'Illya Kuryakin' tune- big fan of the reggae grooves (Studio One in particular). Have you heard the ska version of 'Last Night' (theme from Bottom) which is one of the Trojan boxes.

PS - watch a for upcoming Q and A's on my blog with Barry Cain about 77 Sulphate Strip, and possibly even The Undertones one if I can pull it off.

PPS You at The Pistols tonight?

Heff said...

Ok, Reggae's not exactly my bag...

Ad (L E B) said...

Thanks chaps.

I'll be sure to catch the Sulphate strip Q&A PM.
Indeed I do own 'Last Night' by Laurel Aitken & the Soul Men. It's on the Trojan 'Mod' comp.
Pistols? Nah I watched us knock Yeovil out of the Johnsons Paint Trophy instead.

Heff. No worries. One day I'll have a bag you'll like.

Piley said...

Ad, downloaded this a few days back, but only got round to playing it yesterday and today. Have to admit that Reggae is one of my least fave styles, and always find everything sounds a bit too similar... but some of this stuff sounded pretty good. Ike B was an odd one, wasn't expecting that... Reggae 'theme to a summer place', I only ever heard the percy faith one! Woulda liked the Liquidator by Harry J All Stars in there to mop it all up(temptingly all those words were in the set list somewhere!) but y'cant have everything. Vol 2 maybe?!



Planet Mondo said...

AD you missed a great night with the pistols at the 'pollo (never mind the 'Pollos)..

There's some pics here and vids herehere if you fancy a peep

Heff said...

I read the continuance of SuedeHead - the 3rd in the series, appropriately titled "ShitHead". It was a rather ignorant book.

Ad (L E B) said...

Heff. There were so many youth movements 70s Britain that there may well have been a 'shithead' gang.
If there was enough cash in it I'm sure 'Richard Allen' would've bashed one of his epic tomes out in about 2 days on the subject.
His books were a cult at school. Mainly due to the formula of:
Chapter 1 'hero has a graphically violent fight' 'hero has his clothes described so you know what to wear' 'hero shags bird'
Chapter 2 'hero has a graphically vuiolent fight' 'hero shags two birds'

You get the picture.

I've got you down as a 'grebo' ;)

Anonymous said...

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