Thursday, 17 July 2008

Loungeclash vs Magic Ship

It was the rematch to end all previous 42 odd rematches.
True corinthian spirit was shown and hardly a drop was spilt as both fought to a stand still.
As Heff says "Bitchin' Shoes"


Heff said...

Ahh. Stole my line. Looks like it was one hell of a tussle.

Istvanski said...

But are they as comfy as Hush Puppies?

Howesy said...

Is this large sole thing a ploy that developed out of trying to find an extra inch to get a decent view out of the old Royal Oak?
I solved the problem by growing reasonably tall, saved me a fortune in tall shoes.

Ad (L E B) said...

I'm in a band where the two guitarists are 6'8" and 6'3". At 5'10" I need a little help.

ALove said...

I usually stand at the low end of a hill or dig myself a little ditch when speaking to the Lilliputians :-p