Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Episode 3

Push picks the platters this week. A jolly nice selection they are too. 
It's a bit less polished due to my previous two days binge drinking. This resulted in even less coherence and more mumbling from me than normal. 
I'll do the request show soon fear not and we've got lots of other themes in the pipeline for future shows. Here's some of the things we/I am thinking of: 
Reggaes Best Covers
Pub Rock
Label Specific (Chiswick, Stiff, etc.)
US punk
Punk Connections
Post Punk

Anyway here's the rundown.

1. When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again - The Automatics
Power pop punk. They reformed in 2001 with the help of a japanese record company to cash in on the extortionate amounts this single went for (£250+) on ebay.

2. This Perfect Day - The Saints
God bless the colonies. Aussies finest with a perfect single.  Algy Ward on bass who went on to join the Damned for their finest hour on the Machine Gun Etiquette album.

3. Put You In The Picture - PVC2
It means nothing to me....apart from being on Zoom Records

4. I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie - Mary Monday & The Bitches
Scary Mary indeed. Watch that fader!!! Too late.

5. Johnny Won't Get To Heaven - Killjoys
Kev Dexy in a boilersuit. Gawd Bless yer Mary Poppins an' no mistake. Joking aside I like it.

6. Richmond - Pinpoint
"We don't go via London Transport we hire fleets of taxis" Quite right too.

7. Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima - The Snivelling Shits
Yukio was also the inspiration for 'Death and Night and Blood' on the Stranglers Black & White album. Thankfully this one doesn't contain a line as awful as "Home is a black leather jacket fitting sweetly to my brain". 

8. Young Savage - Ultravox
Ultravox with John Fox not PVC2 boy. Arty new wave rather than punk. Nice guitar riff. It is your duty to avoid the cod reggae of 'Dangerous Rhythm' from this period too. It makes Dreadlock Holiday sound roots. 

Hmm. A cod reggae show? D'yer Make Her, Hey Negrita, I Shot the Sheriff, C Moon...... Oh god no make it stop. Words not sounds. Words not sounds. Wor......

Bonus Outro! Wrong Em Boyo - The Rulers
Just because I like it.


Istvanski said...

Loved that PVC2 track. Synths + loud guitar are OK in punk, but leave them saxaphones out of it.

Axe Victim said...

I remember dancing to the Killjoys at The Boatman in Hampton. Wipes misty eye...

Planet Mondo said...

What a cracker - but why does Midge Ure want to "put you in a big jar"? Sounds like the Terry Thomas scene in Vault Of Terror.

Also couple o' requests for anytime really.

'These Boots Were Made For Walking' - Pure Hell. I think there's a Bad Brains connection somewhere.

And perhaps something from Not The Nine The Nine O Clock News 'Gob On You' or 'All-Out-Super-Power-Confrontation'?

Piley said...

Took me a while ta play it but another quality poddy Ad, nice one.

How about some old 70's/80's theme tunes that were rockier than people remember? If you can get hold of the ol theme tune to Weekend World that would be a cracker! Used to love that final guitar riff (the prog was boring as arse oles tho!!)


the 70's World in Action theme too was a real winner